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A RQR Colloquium at the Acfas

The embro-uterine theme group will meet on January 29th at the Faculty of veterinary medicine in St-Hyacinthe for a day of conferences and discussions. For additional information, visit the ‘embryo-uterine theme’ of the RQR forum.


Embryo-Uterine Theme Meeting

The CRRA website has a new look. Information is available on the CRRA, its researchers, employees and students as well as an event calendar and photo albums.



New CRRA Web Site

RQR Bulletin

January 2009 | Volume 2, Number 1



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The colloquium proposition of the RQR was approved by the Acfas. A day long conference highlighting recent advances in membrane and intracellular mechanisms that regulate the function of cells in mammalian reproductive tissues, the testis, the ovary and the embryo/placenta was proposed.  The topics to be covered will include membrane receptor signaling, intracellular pathways, gamete/somatic cell interactions, regulation of gene transcription and carcinogenic consequences of dysregulation.  It will focus on cutting edge research in intracellular signaling, on the newest methods for analysis of signaling and on the next frontiers in this field. Dr. Laszlo Tora, research director at the Institut de génétique et de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire in Stratsburg, France will be one of the colloquium speakers.

The 13th Conference of the European Society of Domestic Animal Reproduction (ESDAR) will be held in Ghent, Belgium from September 9th-12th 2009. Although most free communication will have to be presented as posters, ESDAR likes to give scientists the opportunity to present their data orally and numerous sessions with short oral communications will be offered. The deadline to submit your abstract for an oral or poster presentation is March 1st.

ESDAR Meeting

The work of Dr. Bruce D. Murphy is part of the 10 discoveries of the year in the magazine Québec Science. You can presently vote for his discovery! Congratulations to Dr. Murphy and his team!



Québec Science