Three grants of 5 000 $ are available to encourage the formation of new collaborations between RQR members from different institutions.

Conditions: 1) Collaborations must be between 2 or more researchers all members of the RQR. 2) More than one institution must be represented (5 universities of the RQR, AAC, INRS, L’Alliance Boviteq inc.)


To apply: Complete the application form and return it to

Deadline: April 30th 2009

New Collaboration Grants

Training Workshops


Thank you to all students who submitted an application for the RQR travel award contest. We would like to congratulate the winners of RQR travel awards!       


RQR Travel Awards

RQR Bulletin

April 2009 | Volume 2, Number 4



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The first RQR training workshop was held on march 26th with great success.  Fiifteen students had the opportunity to learn about laser microdissection from Dr. Rajesha Duggavathi. The second workshop of the RQR entitled`Spermatogenesis and Staging the Cycle of the Seminiferous Epithelium of mouse, rat and man  will take place at McGill University on April 14th and 15th. The workshop will be given by Dr. Carlos Morales from McGill University, and Dr. Richard Oko from Queens University. Space is still available if you wish to participate in this workshop. You must first register  by sending your contact information to