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June 2009 | Volume 2, Number 6



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NSERC announced a funding of 1.65 million$ over 6 years to reinforce the training program of the RQR.  The Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program supports the training of teams of highly qualified students and postdoctoral fellows from Canada and abroad through the development of innovative training programs. A minimum of 80% of this funding will serve as student stipends. The remaining of the funds will be use to create training workshops, invite guest speakers and to develop and advance the RQR training program. For additional information on the NSERC CREATE program, click here.

Training Workshop on Applied Computational Genomics in Montreal

2009 RQR Symposium

You don’t always remember to visit the RQR website? What if you could be informed as soon as something new is happening at the RQR, such as guest speakers, training workshops and scholarship competitions? It is now possible using the micro-blogging site Twitter. You can follow the RQR at http://twitter.com/RQReproduction or by researching RQReproduction on the site Twitter.com.


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1.65 million$ over 6 Years for Training

A seven day training workshop in applied computational genomics will be offered in Montreal from August 25th to 31st by Genome Canada. During this workshop, you can learn how to design and write programs to support and speed up research, how to use existing bioinformatics tools and resources to create, manipulate, and annotate sequences (BioMoby, BIRCH, Bluejay, MAGPIE, Osprey, and TimeLogic Decypher). Following the course, you will have free internet access to all bioinformatics platform tolls and databases used in the course.

The early bird registration deadline is July 1st.

Information Brochure

Registration Form



Three internationaly renown scientists have agreed to be guest speakers at the 2009 RQR symposium. Here are the confirmed speakers:


Laurinda Jaffe, University of Connecticut

Miles Wilkinson, The University of Texas



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