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June 2009 | Volume 2, Number 7



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The international internships of the FQRNT aim to foster the international mobility of Master's and PhD students whose research activities are part of the scientific program of a strategic cluster. The internship is a supplementary tool available to a strategic cluster to strengthen its position at the international level through research projects and partnerships that have already been established or which are under development. The international internships are meant for full-time Master's or doctoral students enrolled in a Quebec university and who have satisfied the requirements of their studies program. The research outlined in the application as part of the internship must fall within the program or research priorities of the RQR.

· value of scholarship (living expenses): 2500$/month (max. 15000$): Length of internship: 2 to 12 months; Country or region visited:France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan, India, Italy, Wallonia – Brussels, Flanders, Israel, Catalonia

· Application form—Deadline July 15th 2009

Results of high interests

FQRNT-RQR International Internships

CIHR Operating Grants for RQR Researchers

Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada

Congratulations to Eric Asselin of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and to Nicolas Gévry of the Université de Sherbrooke for being awarded CIHR Operating Grants for the following projets:

Eric Asselin: The central role of TGF-beta3 through the Akt pathway in endometrial cancer cell invasiveness.

Nicolas Gévry: Chromatin Regulation of Estrogen-Mediated Transcription in Hormone-Dependent Cancer. / Rôle de la chromatine dans la régulation des gènes dépendants des récepteurs de l'oestrogène.






Nicolas Gévry from the Université de Sherbrooke and his team have shown the key role of a chromatin factor—the H2A.Z factor—essential for the regulation of estrogens receptors. «This discovery is important enough for the editor of the journal Genes & Development to ask us to publish our results rapidly online instead of on paper, since they will be the subject of a discussion in the journal Nature», said Nicolas Gévry.

Prospective and current RQR students may be eligible for postgraduate scholarships through the CIHR/IHDCYH Training Program in Reproduction, Early Development and the Impact on Health. Check with Dr. Jay Baltz (jm.baltz@ohri.ca) to determine if you can apply. The first deadline is July 28th.

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