RQR Bulletin

January & February 2010 | Volume 3, Number 1



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Training Workshop

A training workshop in confocal microscopy will be presented on March 12th at 10h30 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Following discussion of theory, the group will be divided in small sub-groups for a demonstration. Visit the RQR website for registration information. Funds are available for student travel expenses. Please note that the training workshop will be given in French.

Dr. Kristy Brown from Prince Henry’s Institute, Melbourne, Australia visited the RQR on January 6th. Kristy completed her PhD at the CRRA under the supervision of Dr. Jean Sirois. She is now a full-time scientist at the Monash University in Australia studying breast cancer and its link to obesity. Her conference entitled ‘Sex, Fat and Breast Cancer: A New Molecular Link’ was filmed and is now available in the member section of the RQR website.


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‘Sex, Fat and Breast cancer’ Online on the RQR Website

Travel Awards

Only a few days are left to apply for a RQR travel award. These awards of 500$ are to cover travel expenses for students presenting at national and international congresses taking place between March 1st and August 31st 2010.


Application form

Deadline February 15th

The RQR will be present at the Acfas congress again this year. A colloquium on the environmental toxicology of reproduction will be chaired by Dr. Bernard Robaire on May 10th 2010 in Montréal. The details will be available on the RQR website in the coming weeks. Visit the Acfas website for additional information concerning registration and to see the complete program of the congress.

RQR Colloquium at the ACFAS Congress

Dr. Kristy Brown