RQR Bulletin

May 2010 | Volume 3, Number 4



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Congratulations to the candidates selected for a RQR CREATE scholarship in the spring 2010 competition!


M.sc. And Ph.D.: Maxime Tondreau, Geneviève Tremblay, Evelyn Llerena Vargas, Anitha kalaiselvanraja, Marie-Chantal Grégoire, Lydia Edjekouane, Xavier Giner, Kalyne Bertolin, Marie-Judith Lafleur, Joey St-Pierre, Kevin Brasseur, Marie-Noëlle Laguë, Gurpreet Manku, and Evelyne Lapointe.

Undergraduate summer students: Jessica Larose, Raphael Brisset, Bruno Prud'homme, and Andres Felip Gil Blanco.

Postdoctoral fellows: Pascal Amireault and Vikas Kumar.

RQR CREATE Scholarships—Results

Acfas RQR colloquium

The Acfas RQR colloquium was held on may 10th at the Université de Montréal. Approximately thirty people attended excellent presentations including one from our guest speaker Dr. Remy Slama. Thank you to all participants, presenters and session chairs.

Photos (Facebook)

Article in ‘le Soleil’ about Dr. Gérard Cooke’s presentation.


RQR Conferences

Dr. Hugh Clarke’s conference entitled ‘Post-transcriptional control of gene expression during oogenesis will be available on the RQR website (member section) until June 1st 2010.


As of June 2nd, it will be replaced by the presentation of Dr. Guylain Boissonneault. Dr. Boissonneault’s seminar was held at the CRRA on March 17th 2010. It is entitled ‘Spermatogenesis: A new source of instability.