RQR Bulletin

December 2010 | Volume 3, Number 9



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Workshop ‘From student to independent scientist’

A training workshop entitled « From student to independent scientist» was presented to RQR trainees on November 15th 2010 in Québec city. The slides from these presentations are now available on the secured section of the RQR website under the tab ‘Training workshop’. Have a look!

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Research was published in the Univalor newsletter

Welcome Julie!

The network manager, Eliane Auger, departs on maternity leave over the Christmas break. During her absence, she will be replaced by Julie Blouin. You can contact her by e-mail at j.blouin@umontreal.ca. The address and phone number will stay the same. We wish a warm welcome to Julie and a pleasant maternity leave to Eliane!

The RQR efforts toward knowledge transfer have been enhanced by a recent discovery from Dr Puttaswamy Manjunath, published in the Univalor newsletter, Vector. The article entitled ‘A synthetic compound could eliminate the use of egg yolk in sperm preservation’, was published in the volume 9, no3. It demonstrates the practical consequence of RQR research.