RQR Bulletin

January 2011 | Volume 4, Number 1



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Support for Frontiers in Reproduction

The RQR will provide $2000 for up to three trainees to attend the course Frontiers in Reproduction (FIR) in May, in Woods Hole, Massachussets. Please note that the deadline for submission of applications to FIR is January 18, 2011. Those who are accepted can apply for financial support both from the RQR and the Marine Biological Laboratory

FQRNT-RQR International Internship 2010-2011

ACFAS 2011

The RQR will present a colloquium entitled “Reproduction assistée: les gamètes et l’embryon” at the 79th Acfas meeting that will take place in Sherbrooke on 9th to 13th May 2011. Further details, including the final program and the guest speakers, will come as soon as confirmed. Trainee attendance costs will be subsidized by the RQR.


Preliminary program - Cost and inscription

Grants for

new collaborations

To enhance the collaboration between researchers, RQR will provide 4 grants of $5000 each. For this competition, the researchers can be from the same institution, but the collaboration must be new.

Deadline: February 15th 2011

Guidelines - Application form

The FQRNT supports the international mobility of Master's and PhD students who are members of a strategic cluster via an international internship program. This three-year program provides networks, such as the RQR, with funds necessary to award scholarships to graduate students who wish to carry out an international internship lasting, on average, six months (minimum 2 months, maximum 12 months). Awards are  made based on the needs of the candidates, network and participants.

Each scholarship will be of a maximum value of $15 000. This amount will cover the student’s travel and living expenses.

Note that awards will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.


Guidelines - Application form - Deadline: March 15th 2011 - at the RQR office