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Réseau Québécois en reproduction

February 2012, Volume 5, Number 2

New Collaborations


Grants are available to encourage the formation of new collaborations between RQR members. 30 000$ is available for the 2012 contest. Each grant attributed will be to a maximum of 7 500$.

Collaborations must be between 2 or more researchers all members of the RQR. The researchers can come from the same institutions but the collaboration must be new. The grants are only for new collaborations. Applicants must have no common projects, no joint grants, no publications as co-authors, and this for the last 10 years. A maximum of one grant can be given per researcher per contest and the grant must be used to buy lab material or equipment.

Additional information

Application Form


Deadline: March 5th 2012

Send your application form to


Scholarships: Fall 2011

Sébastien Baribeau, M.Sc., Dr. Asselin

Robert Berger, PDF, Dr. Hales

Jean-Philippe Couture, PDF, Dr. Gévry

Anne-Marie Downey, M.Sc., Dr. Robaire

Nicole Edwards, M.Sc., Dr. Farookhi

Alexandre Gervais, M.Sc., Dr. Baillargeon

Samuel Leblanc, Ph.D., Dr. Baillargeon

Victoria Ma, M.Sc., Dr. Hales

Raifish Mendoza, Ph.D., Dr. Tremblay

Thomas Nardelli, M.Sc., Dr. Robaire

Burak Özkösem, Ph.D., Dr. O’Flaherty

Ngoc Ming Phuong, M.Sc., Dr. Slim

Stéphanie Roberge, Ph.D., Dr. Bujold

Dayananda Siddappa, Ph.D., Dr. Duggavathi

Chu Thi-Kieu-Oanh, Ph.D., Dr. Bailey



Travel Awards:

Applications Accepted

We are looking for images and photos to use in our bulletin, on the Web site and in our various publications. We would like images from your research project, pictures taken in your lab, at meetings or during other training or research activities.

Also, if you would like your events to be announced on our Web site, on our Facebook page or on our event calendar, we can post them for you. We can also post your latest publications or other achievements.

You can send your images, events, etc. at any time to


Spring 2012

The RQR offers travel awards of $ 500 to cover costs associated with a national or international meetings to promote scientific exchange. Applications are now accepted year round, but the meeting must occur between March 1st 2012 and February 28th 2013. Applicants must be giving a poster or platform presentation  and the meeting cannot take place in the city where the applicant lives.


Students and postdoctoral fellows can apply by sending the following documents to :


· Registration form

· Proof of registration to the meeting

· Proof your abstract was accepted for an oral or poster presentation

We are now accepting applications for the 2012 spring scholarship competition. The scholarships are for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows that are studying under the supervision of one or more RQR researchers. The scholarships are for one year with a possibility of renewal.

· M.Sc.: 10 000$ /year for a max. of 2 years

· Ph.D.: 10 000$ /year for a max. of 3 years

· Postdoct: 15 000$ /year for a max. of 2years

· Summer students: 2 500$ /summer, not renewable

Complete guidelines      

Application deadline: March 16th 2012 at midnight.

Please send your application to


Students whose projects have been published for less than seven months by means of an article (in a journal with an editorial review board), a book or book chapter, a patent or a work or performance stemming from research carried out in Québec of which they are the authors are eligible.


· $1 000 awarded every month by each Fonds;

· An overview of the recipient’s project and a photo of the recipient will be featured on the portal of the chief scientist of Québec


Application deadlines: March 1 and September 1, 2012


Presentation and rules

Application form (In French)

Star Student-Researcher Award