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Réseau Québécois en reproduction

MaY 2012, Volume 5, Number 5

New FRQNT Program:

Strategic Initiatives for Innovation (ISI)

The FRQNT program of Strategic Initiatives for Innovation (ISI) was established to support partnership projects between researchers and financial partners that are users of the knowledge and research results generated. This program aims to serve in the role of mobilizing agent to encourage the consolidation of a critical mass of scientific and technological expertise.

To participate in this program, you can submit your proposal at any time, before
March 31, 2013, to obtain financial assistance which may total up to $ 300,000 for a maximum period of three years. Please note that to qualify, each ISI must have significant financial support from partners. Financial assistance is intended primarily to support research activities and research coordination, facilitation, networking, demonstration and technology transfer.

The program was developed under the Partnerships for Innovation which aims to improve the innovation capacity of businesses in Quebec in priority areas by focusing on partnerships. The FRQNT would like to support 6 ISI grants in 2012-2013.

For more information on the ISI program, consult the program rules (in French only).

The RQR present at

24 heures de science

Spring 2012


The activity ”Des médicaments dans l’eau, danger !” organized by the RQR as part of  the event "24 heures de science" has been very successful. More than 20 participants engaged in lively discussions with our guest speaker, Dr. Daniel Cyr from the INRS, also a RQR member.

Dr. Cyr explained the problems surrounding the accumulation of estrogen in lakes and rivers and its effects on fish reproduction, including the feminization observed in male fish. The audience participated actively in the discussions and many questions were raised including biomagnification, the current regulations and wastewater treatment. 


The participants greatly enjoyed this activity, organized as part of the RQR knowledge transfer program. 


The RQR wishes to thank Dr. Daniel Cyr for his valuable contribution !

We received 50 scholarship applications in the Spring 2012 competition.

Awards have been made to 18 scholars who will share 151 000$.

· Maxime Bergeron, summer student, André Tremblay

· Jean-Sébastien Bérubé, summer student, Robert Viger

· Stéphanie Bianco, PDF, Nicolas Gévry

· Marc-Antoine Brière, summer student, Jacques J. Tremblay

· Rachel Dadzie, summer student, Carlos Reyes-Moreno

· Gabriel Garon, Ph.D., Jacques J. Tremblay

· Aida Kasaei, M.Sc., Julie Lavoie

· Lydia Edjekouane, PhD., André Tremblay

· Gurpreet Manku, Ph.D., Martine Culty

· Nadège Michaud, Ph.D., Ali Akoum

· Gabriel Nadeau, summer student, Robert Viger

· Charlène Rico, PDF, Derek Boerboom

· Jasmin Schuermann, M.Sc., Raj Duggavathi

· Keith Siklenka, M.Sc., Sarah Kimmins

· Olivier Simard, M.Sc., Guylain Boissonneault

· Joey St-Pierre, Ph.D., Cathy Vaillancourt

· Hannah Toledano, summer student, André Tremblay

· Omar Karl Vieux, M.Sc., Hugh Clarke



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