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Réseau Québécois en reproduction

September 2013, Volume 6, Number 9

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2013 Symposium

RQR-CREATE Scholarship Competition: Fall 2013 Results

Over 160 participants attended the excellent
program of the 6th RQR Symposium which was held for the first time in Saint-Hyacinthe. The guest speakers, Dr.
Barbara Vanderhyden, from OHRI at the University of
Ottawa, Dr. David Zarkower from the University of
Minnesota, and Dr. Kathleen Caron from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine at Chapel Hill, presented excellent conferences. The program also included 13 oral presentations and 62 poster presentations. The symposium was closed with a very interesting debate on the theme «Are Males Necessary?» featuring Drs. Hugh Clarke and Greg FitzHarris.


The following trainees received awards of excellence for the quality of their presentations:


Oral Presentations

1. Mahmoud Aarabi

2. France-Hélène Paradis and Clotilde Maurice (judge equal)


Poster Presentations

1. Gurpreet Manku      

2. Sandra Ruiz

3. Stephany El-Hayek


Thank you to all attendees!

Congratulations to the trainees who were awarded a RQR-CREATE Scholarship! 


Fifteen winners share a total amount of 160 000$ :

· Atefeh Abedini, PhD, Laboratory of Dr. Derek Boerboom

· Elie Akoury, PhD, Laboratory of Dr. Rima Slim

· Rohini Bose, PhD, Laboratory of Dr. Simon Wing

· Karine Duval, PDF, Laboratory of Dr. Jean-Patrice Baillargeon

· Jonathan Gagnon, MSc, Laboratory of Dr. André Tremblay

· Kathy Grenier, MSc, Laboratory of Dr. Eric Asselin

· Jérôme Grenier-Naud, MSc, Laboratory of Dr. Eric Asselin

· Jovane Hamelin-Morrissette, MSc, Laboratory of . Carlos Reyes-Moreno

· Anne Liao, MSc, Laboratory of Dr. Daniel Bernard

· Ngoc Minh Phuong Nguyen, PhD, Laboratory of Dr. Rima Slim

· Burak Ozkosem, PhD, Laboratory of Dr. Cristian O'Flaherty

· Halima Rakhila, PhD, Laboratory of Dr. Ali Akoum

· Laura Whidden, MSc, Laboratory of Dr. Jacquetta Trasler

· Han Yan, MSc, Laboratory of Dr. Barbara Hales

· Gustavo Zamberlam, PDF, Laboratory of Dr. Derek Boerboom

RQR Travel Awards: Fall 2013 Results

Congratulations to all trainees who were awarded a RQR travel award!


· Evemie Dubé, Dr. Julie Lafond

· Kathy Grenier, Dr. Eric Assselin

· Jérôme Grenier-Naud, Dr. Eric Asselin

· Anthony Laroche, Dr. François Richard

· Olivier Simard, Dr. Guylain Boissonneault

· Burak Ozkosem, Dr. Cristian O'Flaherty

A special thanks to Burak Ozkosem and Clémence Béléanné for their role in the preparation of the pre-symposium
workshop.  The workshop entitled ‘Decoding Intercellular Conversations in Reproduction’ was highly appreciated by the 40 participants.  We would like to thank the American Society of Cell Biology for their financial support, the Alliance
Boviteq for the guided tour of their installations and all the speakers and panelists.