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Réseau Québécois en reproduction

January 2014, Volume 7, Number 1

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Financed by:

New Collaboration Grants

Bioinformatics Workshop

Grants are available to encourage the formation of new collaborations between RQR members. 30 000$ is available for the 2014 competition. Each grant attributed will be to a maximum of 7 500$.


· Collaborations must be between two or more researchers, all members of the RQR

· The researchers can come from the same institutions but the collaboration must be new.

· Only for new collaborations. Applicants must have no common projects, no joint grants, no publications as co-authors, for the last 10 years.

Additional information:

· A maximum of one grant can be given per researcher per competition (as principal applicant or collaborator)

· The grant must be used to buy consumables or equipment only (No travel fees, salaries or scholarships).

· Collaborations with junior researchers are encouraged.

· If awarded the grant, you will be asked to submit a short summary of your project and results in lay terms to the RQR by February 1, 2015.


Deadline: February 1, 2014


Application form: Click here

You must send your application form to eliane.auger@umontreal.ca

A two day workshop on bioinfomatics will be presented this spring by the RQR. Some of the topics that will be discussed are:


· Bioinformatics resources

· Statistical considerations  and validation of bioinformatic procedures

· Demonstrations of bioinformatic platforms, for RNA sequences and microarray,

· Platforms for genomic analysis, SNPs etc.

· Finding patterns in global analysis data.

· Hands-on workshop on Gene Ontology (guided demonstrations-how to go from excel output to analysis)

· Hands-on workshop on genomic analysis (guided demonstrations)


Tentative date: Beginning of April

Venue: To be determined


More information in the next bulletin!

RQR-CREATE Scholarships: Spring 2014

The RQR-CREATE scholarship program aims to provide financial assistance to the best candidates at the beginning of or during masters, doctoral or postdoctoral study in the field of reproductive biology. The aim within the RQR is to support accomplished and emerging researchers. The scholarships are for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows that are studying under the supervision of one or more RQR researchers. The scholarships are awarded for one year, not renewable. Scholarship support for graduate studies through the RQR-CREATE program is limited to a maximum of 4 years.


· M.Sc.: 10 000$ per year, not renewable

· Ph.D.: 10 000$ per year, not renewable

· Postdoctoral fellows: 15 000$ per year, not renewable

· Summer students: 2 500$ per summer, not renewable



Application deadline: Friday March 14th at midnight


Application form: Click here


Detailed guidelines: Click here, or visit the scholarship page of the RQR website

International Internships for Four RQR Trainees

Congratulations to the four RQR trainees who were awarded a travel scholarship as part of the 2013-2014 international internship program of the FRQNT offered to strategic network trainees:


· Rémi Labrecque (Dr. Marc-André Sirard): 5 000$ for a 2 month intership in Italy

· Julien Massonneau (Dr. Guylain Boissonneault) : 14 700$ for a 6 month internship in the United States

· Bintou Gaye (French student): 9 119$ for a 7 month intenship within the RQR (Dr. Géraldine Delbès’s laboratory in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Cyr)

· Burak Ozkosem (Cristian O’Flaherty) : 11 683$ for a 6 month intership in the United States

Nomination on the Ethics and Scientific Integrity Committee

Congratulations to Dr. Lyne Létourneau, professor in the Departement of animal sciences at Laval University and member of the Réseau
Québécois en reproduction for her nomination to the FRQNT Committee on Ethics and Scientific Integrity.