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Réseau Québécois en reproduction

MAy 2014, Volume 7, Number 5

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Results: Spring 2014 RQR-CREATE Scholarships

· Ahmed Soliman, PhD, laboratory of Dr. Cathy Vaillancourt

· Aida Kasaei, MSc renewal, laboratory of Dr. Julie Lavoie

· Andrée-Anne Saindon, summer student, laboratory of Dr. Pierre Leclerc

· Anne Gouraud, PhD, laboratory of Dr. Guylain Boissonneault

· Audray St-Jean, summer student, laboratory of Dr. Puttaswamy Manjunath

· Benjamin Fung, summer student, laboratory of Dr. Jacquetta Trasler

· Cayetena Vazquez de Castro Diez, MSc, laboratory of Dr. Greg FitzHarris

· Chi Chon Kong, PhD, laboratory of Dr. Martine Culty

· Chirine Toufaily, PDF, laboratory of Dr. Daniel Bernard

· Gabriella Para, summer student, laboratory of Dr. André Tremblay

· Jessica Dion, MSc, laboratory of Dr. Céline Van Themsche

· Julien Massonneau, MSc renewal, laboratory of Dr. Guylain Boissonneault

· Karl-Frederic Vieux, PhD renewal, laboratory of Dr. Hugh Clarke

· Mahmoud Aarabi, PDF renewal, laboratory of Dr. Jacquetta Trasler (declined)

· Mareva Leboucher, MSc, laboratory of Dr. Julie Lafond

· Mickaël Di-Luoffo, PhD, laboratory of Dr. Jacques J. Tremblay

· Nancy Côté, PDF, laboratory of Dr. Janice L. Bailey

· Sabrina Sicilia, summer student, laboratory of Dr. Alexandre Boyer

· Stephany El-Hayek, PhD, laboratory of Dr. Hugh Clarke 

· Yasmin Schuermann, PhD, laboratory of Dr. Raj Duggavathi 


Congratulations to the 19 awardees for a total of $162 500 !

Results: Spring 2014 RQR Travel Awards

Congratulations to the 39 winners of a Travel Award for a total of $14 625 ! 


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The bioinformatics workshop...online!

Last April, the RQR held a training workshop on bioinformatics at the Faculty of veterinary medicine in Saint-Hyacinthe.  All the presentations (Video and PDF) are now available on the secured section of the RQR website to watch at your convenience. To access the presentations, you must:


1. Create an account on the RQR website.

2. Connect once your account is activated (This may take some time as it is done by the RQR manager to ensure only members have access to this section).

3. A new menu will then appear at the right of the screen; the ‘User menu’.

4. Choose the ‘Training workshops’ link in the menu (see in red on the image below)

5. The link to watch the videos is at the top of the page (see in yellow on the image below)


While you are connected, why not visit the RQR video library. You will enjoy its new look! New conferences will be added in the upcoming weeks.


If you need help, contact eliane.auger@umontreal.ca