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Réseau Québécois en reproduction

December 2014, Volume 7, Number 9

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Financed by:

New Collaboration Grants

Grants are available to encourage the formation of new collaborations between RQR members. A total of 30 000$ has been allocated for the 2015 competition. Each grant attributed will be to a maximum of 7 500$.



Collaborations must be between two or more researchers, all members of the RQR

The researchers can come from the same institution but the collaboration must be new.

Only for new collaborations. Applicants must have no common projects, no joint grants, no publications as co-authors, for the last 10 years.


Additional information:

A maximum of one grant can be given per researcher per competition (as principal applicant or collaborator)

The grant must be used to buy consumables or equipment only (no travel costs, salaries or scholarships).

Collaborations with junior researchers will be prioritised.

If awarded the grant, you will be asked to submit a short summary of your project and results in lay terms to the RQR by February 1, 2015.


Deadline: February 3, 2015

Application form: Click here

You must send your application form to eliane.auger@umontreal.ca

Please note that all applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

FRQNT Professors out of Quebec Exchange program

With this program, a professor member of the RQR will have the opportunity to visit a lab of their choosing out of the province. The goal of this program is to reinforce the actions of the network on the international scene.


Admissibility :

The applicant must be a regular member of the RQR. Researchers from outside Quebec may apply by invitation from a researcher.

The exchange must take place outside Quebec for regular members of a strategic cluster or in Quebec for researchers from outside Quebec

The exchange must have a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum of 6 months.

The exchange must begin no later than March 31st 2015.


For all details, please consult the guidelines (in French only).

Deadline to submit an application to the RQR : February 13, 2015.

Send your application to eliane.auger@umontreal.ca

RQR-CREATE Scholarships

An amount of 150 000$ was awarded for the fall 2014 RQR-CREATE competition. You can consult the list of the winners here. Congratulations to all the awardees!


Since 2009, 126 scholarships have been awarded. An amount of $1.158 million has been distributed to RQR students in the laboratories of our members. You can consult the list of all RQR-CREATE winners since 2009 here!

CIHR Funding Announcement

CIHR Boys' and Men's Health has funded for $1.5 million, by the Institute of Aboriginal Health and the Institute of Gender and Health, the project Father's lasting influence: Molecular foundations of intergenerational transmission of the paternal environment. The principal investigators are Janice Bailey (U Laval), Amanda MacFarlane (Health Canada), Arnaud Droit (U Laval), Helene Jacques (U Laval), Sarah Kimmins (McGill) and Jacquetta Trasler (McGill). Jacques J. Tremblay (U Laval) and Marilène Paquet (U Montréal) are also involved as collaborators.


CIHR Boys' and Men's Health also funded for $1.5 million, by the Institute of Gender and Health, the projet Impact of paternal age on the health of gametes: risk of potential adverse outcomes. The principal investigator is Bernard Robaire (McGill) and the co-investigators are Peter T. Chan, Arthur Leader, Marie-Claude Léveillé and Ashley Naimi. 


The RQR wishes to congratulate the members who received these prestigious awards ! For more details.

Reminder: Frontiers in Reproduction 2015

You have until January 14th to apply to the 2015 Frontiers in Reproduction course! See the flyer for more details. If you are accepted in the course, the RQR can provide a 2 000$ scholarship!