Congratulations to Thérésa Choisi of Laval University who received a 500$ RQR travel award to participate in the 54th CFAS annual meeting. The title of her presentation is:

Anti-Müllerian hormone:

 a biomarker of small ovarian follicles?

RQR Travel Award to the CFAS

A Great Participation Rate at the 1st Symposium of the RQR

You can now discuss on the RQR forum! A section is available for each of the 3 themes, as well as one for students, there is also a question zone where you can get all the answers to your questions about the RQR, reproductive biology and technical issues.


You have a problem with a protocol, need help understanding a result or want to help the RQR grow? The forum is the place to look for answers. However, its success depends on your participation. So register now on the RQR website and start posting!

RQR Discussion Forum

The RQR now has a logo! The development of the logo was based on the design of two RQR postdoctoral fellows:


Joëlle Desmarais,

Université de Montréal


Maren Godmann,

McGill University

Each was awarded a 100$ scholarship for their excellent work.


RQR Logo

RQR Bulletin

December 2008 | Volume 1, Number 3



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The inaugural Symposium of the RQR was a resounding success thanks to the participation of over 200 members, students and research personnel. We had excellent contributed platform and poster presentations as well as stimulating talks from our invited speakers, Dr Mary Ann Handel and Dr John Eppig.  

Congratulations to the four students who won prizes

for best presentations!


Conference at the CRRA and CRBR by Dr. Hung-Chang Yao of the University of Illinois entitled:

Testicular Dysgenesis: Fetal Origin of Adult Reproductive Deficiency?


December 3rd and 4th