RQR Bulletin

May 2011 | Volume 4, Number 6



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You can now see the presentations of the guest speakers in the CRRA seminar program, University of Montreal, on the RQR website in the member’s

secured section.

Dr. Tremblay is the new Director of the FRSQ in respiratory health

FQRNT-RQR International Internship 2010-2011

Congratulations to two students who received a FQRNT scholarship for foreign training. These students are:

· Stéphanie Côté from University of Montréal ($4 000 for training in France)

· Talal Oufkir from INRS under the direction of Dr. Cathy Vaillancourt ($10 000 for training in Switzerland).

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Save the dates!

It is confirmed! The 4th RQR Symposium will be held at Hôtel Omni Mont-Royal in Montréal on November 15th and 16th 2011. Hope to see you there!


Dr. Yves Tremblay

Congratulations to Dr. Yves Tremblay, from Université Laval, who was named by « Fonds Québécois de la Recherche en Santé » (FRSQ) as new provincial director of the FRSQ network in respiratory health.

Dr. Tremblay, is professor in « Centre de Recherche en Biologie de la Reproduction » (CRBR), Université Laval, « Axe reproduction, santé périnatale et santé de l'enfant ». You can contact him at the following address:

Yves Tremblay, PhD

Professeur Titulaire

Axe reproduction, santé périnatale et santé de l'enfant-CRBR

Directeur IRSC-ISFH-NET Gender Differences and Premature Infants

Directeur Réseau FRSQ en santé respiratoire

tél: 418-525-4444 extension 46158

fax: 418-654-2765

Ebook prematurity: http://www.fmed.ulaval.ca/prema/  

Hard copy ISBN 978-613-1-53318-1

We also invite you to record the seminars at your institution and send them to the network manager, for diffusion on the website. This will be interesting to all RQR members.