RQR Bulletin

June 2011 | Volume 4, Number 7



The results of the spring 2011 competitions are now available on the RQR website. You can consult the list of the awardees by visiting the following link:


RQR-CREATE Scholarship   -   Travel Awards


Congratulations to all the awardees!

Three new RQR PhD’s!

Congratulations to Reza Hamid Kohan Ghadr, Pavine Lefèvre et Adriana Verduzco Gòmez, from Dr. Bruce


Knowledge transfer committee

The RQR is now establishing a committee to promote knowledge transfer. Dr. Janice Bailey, from Université Laval, has agreed to chair this committee and will move forward with this project. Knowledge transfer is an important challenge for the RQR, both in short and longer terms.

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SSR 2013

The RQR will serve as the Local Organizing Committee for the 46th Annual Conference of the Society for the Study of Reproduction in July 2013 to be held at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal.

Murphy’s laboratory, who received their PhD degree during the graduation ceremony held in Montreal in May. We wish you the best in meeting your career objectives.

Scientific committee rotation

Reza Hamid Kohan Ghadr, Pavine Lefèvre and Adriana Verduzco Gòmez.

Dr. Bernard Robaire (McGill University) has been replaced as theme leader of the testicular axis and as member of the Scientific Committee, by Dr. Robert Viger (Université Laval). Dr. François Richard (Université Laval) has been replaced by Dr. Hugh Clarke (McGill University) as theme leader of the ovarian axis and member of the scientific committee.

Thanks to Drs. Robaire and Richard for their valuable contributions to this committee and to the RQR during the first three years of the network, and welcome to Drs. Viger and Clarke.