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July and August 2011 | Volume 4, Number 8



Reminder for RQR researchers

Hugh Clarke is the new director of the CSR at McGill

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Dr Hugh Clarke

Dr Hugh Clarke from McGill University is the new director of the Centre for the Study of Reproduction (CSR) of McGill University.


We wish him the best of luck in his new appointment!


As you will already know, the 4th RQR Symposium will take place on November 15th and 16th at hotel Omni Mont-Royal, Montréal. This year, we will have the pleasure to welcome Peter Sutovsky from University of Missouri and Stephanie Pangas and Francesco DeMayo from Baylor College of Medicine as invited speakers.


You can now complete the registration form. You have until October 17th to do so. Also, do not forget to reserve your hotel room specifying the RQR to get group rates!

Guest speakers of the 4th RQR Symposium!