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RQR-CREATE Scholarships Winners - Fall 2014

Results of the Fall 2014 RQR-CREATE competition (14 winners totalizing 150 000$):

  • Atefeh Abedini, PhD renewal, laboratory of Dr. Derek Boerboom
  • Hélène Clabault, PhD, laboratory of Dr. Cathy Vaillancourt
  • Luke Currin, MSc, laboratory of Dr. Vilceu Bordignon
  • Chloé Fortin, MSc, laboratory of Dr. Marc-André Sirard
  • Jonathan Gagnon, MSc renewal, laboratory of Dr. André Tremblay
  • Jovane Hamelin-Morissette, PhD, laboratory of Dr. Carlos Reyes-Moreno
  • Loïze Maréchal, MSc, laboratory of Dr. Pierre Leclerc
  • Halima Rakhila, PhD renewal, laboratory of Dr. Marc Pouliot (Dr. Ali Akoum)
  • Christian Savard, PDF, laboratory of Dr. Alexandre Boyer
  • Kai Sheng, MSc, laboratory of Dr. Simon Wing
  • Keith Siklenka, MSc, laboratory of Dr. Sarah Kimmins
  • Mayra Tsoi, PhD, laboratory of Dr. Derek Boerboom (declined)
  • Marc-Olivier Turgeon, MSc, laboratory of Dr. Daniel Bernard
  • Han Yan, renouvellement MSc, laboratory of Dr. Barbara Hales
  • Gustavo Zamberlam, PDF renewal, laboratory of Dr. Derek Boerboom

Congratulations to all the awardees!

You can consult the list of all the winners since 2009 here!

7th Symposium of the RQR

The 7th Symposium of the Réseau Québécois en reproduction took place on November 11 and 12 2014 at the Plaza Québec in Ste-Foy. A pre-symposium workshop aslo took place on November 10th 2014. Both events were a great success! 174 participants attended the Symposium, and 78 attended the pre-symposium workshop.

We would like to tank everyone who participated in this success: the guest speakers, the judges, the presenters, the administrative team and all participants!

The pictures of the event are available on our Facebook page! For more details on the event, or to know who won the RQR knowldege transfer awards and best presentation prizes click here: 7th Symposium of the Réseau Québécois

Guest Speakers
  • Ovary Theme: Pierre Comizzoli, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute - Female Fertility Preservation in Rare and Endangered Species.
  • Embryo-Uterus Theme: William Kelly, Emory University - Transcription-Dependent Establishment of Epigenetic Memory in the Germline of C. elegans
  • Male Theme: Wei Yan, University of Nevada School of Medicine - Small noncoding RNAs in gametogenesis and epigenetic transgenerational inheritance


Back to the Future: Let’s see the state-of-the-art in several areas and try to predict where the future lies!