Centre Québécois de Valorisation des Biotechnologies (CQVB): http://www.cqvb.qc.ca/

Increase the innovation capacity of SMEs and technology transfer in the field of bio-industries in Quebec.

Services offered :

  • Strategic Information: Benefit from a state-of the-art global information to the forefront to help make informed decisions in your research for innovation.
  • Linking: Develop a network of relevant contacts that meets your needs.
  • Supporting the development of projects: Take advantage of appropriate services and a team of experts to develop new products or procedures.


Conception - Animal Reproduction Technologies: http://www.conception-animal.com

The company, Conception, specializes in developing, producing and marketing new animal reproduction technologies including bovine pregnancy tests. These technologies are there to better service producers.

Mission : To develop, produce and market new animal reproduction technologies to better address the needs of the producer.


FERTILYS: http://www.fertilys.org/

Fondée par le Dr Pierre Miron, pionnier de la Fécondation in vitro au Québec, FERTILYS est une Clinique spécialisée en Médecine de la Fertilité et en Assistance Médicale à la Procréation offrant des services de Fécondation in vitro, Insémination artificielle, Dépistage prénatal et Fertilité / Infertilité aux coupes des régions de Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudière et Montréal.

Plus précisément, l'offre de FERTILYS se répartit ainsi :

Procréation assistée

  • Fécondation in vitro
  • Stimulation ovarienne
  • Insémination artificielle
  • Micro-injection

Dépistage prénatal

  • Dépistage prénatal du 1er trimestre
  • Échographie foetale
  • Diagnostic prénatal

Fertilité / Infertilité

  • Bilan de base du couple
  • Documentation / Investigation (fausses couches)
  • Spermogramme
  • Hystérosalpingographie
  • Hystérosalpingosonographie


Boviteq : http://www.boviteq.com/fr-home

Boviteq is an embryo transfer centre located in Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada, about 50 km east of Montréal. It is a very unique entreprise highly specialized in the production of bovine embryos using both in vivo and in vitro technologies. They are the only organization in Eastern Canada that provides complete in vitro fertilization services.

Research and development (R & D) This involves the investigation and application of new technologies in bovine reproduction in order to provide the cattle breeding industry with the tools needed to produce superior genetics. Our scientific and professional staff work in close collaboration with government and university researchers in order to bridge the gap between basic and applied research.


OVO Clinique: http://www.cliniqueovo.com/

The ovo fertility clinic was founded in 2003 by a group of five obstetrician-gynecologists. Today, after 9 years of activity, ovo fertility clinic has given way to the OVO clinic and employs over 162 people including 30 physicians and consist of several departments. 

  • ovo fertility whose main goal is to treat infertile couples and to preserve fertility, especially for patients undergoing a treatment that can compromise their fertility.
  • ovo prenatal who is offering prenatal screening services and obstetrical ultrasound, as well as courses preparing future parents for the birth of their child and for parenthood.
  • ovo biosurance, the first private umbilical cord stem cell bank in Quebec.
  • ovo labo, a medical analysis laboratory that specializes in obstetrics gynecology and most particularly in biochemistry and in the genetics of reproduction.
  • ovo R&D whose multidisciplinary team of physicians, researchers and nurses conduct research projects in obstetrics and gynecology and coordinate all research and development activities at the ovo clinic.
  • ovo consulting offers services from experts, on a national and international level, who are ready to share their expertise.