François J. Richard, Ph.D.


Département Sciences animales

Faculté des sciences de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation

Université Laval

Pavillon Paul-Comtois, local 2781

Québec (Québec) G1K 7P4

Phone: (418) 656-2131, poste 2781

Fax: (418) 656-3766

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Research Interests: 

  • Oocyte
  • Maturation
  • IVF
  • Phosphodiesterase
  • Gap junction communication
  • Spermatozoa
  • Cumulus


Summary of Results:

My lab is interested in cellular signaling. We are studying phosphodiesterases in oocyte physiology, especially during oocyte maturation. We have also developed a system to measure gap junction communication live between cumulus cells in 3D. We are also interested in the study of phosphodiesterases in sperm function. Thus, we are developing a new culture media to improve oocytes quality in order to improve blastocysts rates in vitro produced.


Laboratory members:



Email Address

Marie-Pier Poulin

MSc student

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Amel Lounas

MSc student

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List of Publications:

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