Frédéric Leduc, Ph.D

Président et coquetier en chef

Immune Biosolutions inc.

3001, 12ème avenue Nord, Local 2405

Sherbrooke, Qc

J1H 5N4

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Telephone : 1-855-find-igy (1-855-346-3449)

Cell. : 819 580-5912

 Research Interests:

  • Genomic instability of spermatids
  • DNA damage
  • Chromatin and epigenetics
  • Spermatogenesis
  • dDIP (damaged DNA immunoprecipitation)
  • Next-generation sequencing
  • New molecular tools for detection and quantification

Recent results:

  • Development of a methodology of efficient spermatids sorting by FACS
  • Development of the dDIP methodology (damaged DNA immunoprecipitation) to map genome-wide DNA damages
  • Characterization of the DNA damage response of spermatids of man and mouse

Laboratory members:



Email Address

Simon Gaudreau

Director of development

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Jean-François Larrivée

Director of production

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List of publications:

  1. Simard*, O., Leduc*, F., Acteau, G., Arguin, M., Grégoire, M., Brazeau, M., Marois, I., Richter, M.V. & Boissonneault, G. (2012). Step-specific sorting of mouse spermatids by FACS. (soumis à BOR)

  2. Johnson, G. D., Lalancette, C., Linnemann, A. K., Leduc, F., Boissonneault, G., & Krawetz, S. A. (2011). The sperm nucleus: chromatin, RNA, and the nuclear matrix. Reproduction (Cambridge, England), 141(1), 21–36.

  3. Leduc, F., Faucher, D., Bikond Nkoma, G., Grégoire, M., Arguin, M., Wellinger, R. J., Boissonneault, G., 2011. Genome-wide mapping of DNA strand breaks. PLOSone, vol. 6 (2), e17353

  4. Bikond Nkoma, G., Leduc, F., Jaouad, L., Boissonneault, G., 2009. Electron microscopy analysis of histone acetylation and DNA strand breaks in mouse elongating spermatids using a dual labelling approach. Andrologia (accepted August 19, 2009-in press)

  5. Beaudoin, S., Vanderperre, B., Grenier, C., Tremblay, I., Leduc, F., Roucou, X., 2008, A Large Ribonucleoprotein Particule Induced by Cytoplasmic PrP Shares Striking Similarities with an RNA Granule Known as the Chromatoïd Body. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1793(2), pp 335-45.

  6. Leduc, F., Maquennehan, V., Bikond Nkoma, G., Boissonneault, G., 2008. DNA Damage Response during Chromatin Remodeling in Elongating Spermatids in Mice. Biology of Reproduction; 78, pp 324-332.

  7. Leduc, F., Bikond Nkoma, G., Boissonneault, G., 2008. Spermiogenesis and DNA Repair: A Possible Etiology of Human Infertility and Genetic Disorders. Systems Biology in Reproductive Medecine; 54, pp 3-10.

Book chapters:

  1. Leduc, F., Acteau, G., Grégoire, M.-C., Simard, O., Leroux, J., Carrier-Leclerc, A., Arguin, M., et al. (2011). Post-Meiotic DNA Damage and Response in Male Germ Cells. In I. Kruman (Ed.), DNA repair. Intech.

  2. Grégoire*, M.-C., Leduc*, F., & Boissonneault, G. (2011). Spermiogenesis in Sperm Genetic Integrity. In A. Zini & A. Agarwal (Eds.), Sperm chromatin: biological and clinical applications in male infertility and assisted reproduction (pp. 307–320). New York, NY: Springer New York.

Other information:

Custom services offered by Immune Biosolutions:

  • Custom generation of antibodies
  • Development of antibody-based custom kits (detection, quantification, multiplexing)
  • Custom primary antibody coupling (fluorescent or enzymatic)
  • Bulk antibody production (100 mg and more)
  • Application validation (immunofluorescence, ELISA, immunoprecipitation, western blot, flow cytometry, etc.)
  • Supplementary purification (by affinity)
  • Reservation and storage of specific lots