Géraldine Delbès
Professeure / Assistant Professor
Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Centre INRS – Institut Armand-Frappier
531, boulevard des Prairies
Laval (Québec)  H7V 1B7
T 450 687-5010 ext. 8830

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Field of research:

  • Impact of environmental and pharmaceutical chemicals on male germ cells development.
  • Impact of fetal exposure on adult fertility.

Recent results:

Our research projects aim to determine how exposure to medical or environmental chemicals during particular periods of sensitivity in life can alter male fertility.

Epidemiological evidence suggests a worldwide increase in male fertility issues associated with decreased sperm production, increased incidence of testicular cancer and genital tract anomalies in humans and various wild animals. Data accumulate, demonstrating an adverse effect of exposure to chemicals in the environment or of medical treatments on reproductive function. However, the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in these effects on male fertility are still poorly documented. We seek to characterize these mechanisms in immature germ cells, the precursors of spermatogenesis. Using in vivo and in vitro models in rodent and humans, we investigate gene expression and germ cell programming in response to the chemical environment.

Lab members:




Hermance Beaud

PhD Student 

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Bintou Gaye 

PhD Student

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Fabien Joao

MSc Student

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Arlette Rwigemera

PhD Student

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Amélie Tremblay MSc Student This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Alumni : Julie Benard, Yubaihe Shen, JunFen (Alex) Pan, Marouane Chemek

Delbes Lab

From left to right:Top: Arlette Rwigemera, Fabien Joao
Middle: Guylaine Lassonde, Amélie Tremblay
Bottom: Hermance Beaud, Géraldine Delbès, Bintou Gaye


Beaud H., van Pelt A.M., Delbes G. Doxorubicin and vincristine affect undifferentiated rat spermatogonia. Reproduction. 2017. In revision.

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Lassonde G., Nasuhoglu D., Pan JF., Gaye B., Yargeau V. and Delbes G. Ozone treatment prevents the toxicity of an environmental mixture of estrogens on rat fetal testicular development. Reprod Toxicol. 2015 Sep 11;58:85-92.

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G. Delbès, M.B. Herrero, E.T. Troeung and P.T.K. Chan. The use of complimentary assays to evaluate the enrichment of human sperm quality in asthenoteratozoospermic and teratozoospermic samples processed with Annexin-V magnetic activated cell sorting. Andrology. 2013 Sep;1(5):698-706

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Book Chapters and Reviews:

R.J. Sherins and G. Delbès. Is there a Decline in Sperm Counts in Men? In Handbook of Andrology, 2nd Edn (ed B. Robaire and P. Chan) 2009.

G. Delbès, B.F. Hales and B. Robaire. Toxicants and human sperm chromatin integrity. Mol Hum Reprod. 2010 Jan;16(1):14-22.

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V. Rouiller Fabre, C. Levacher, C. Pairault, C. Racine, E. Moreau, R. Olaso, G. Livera, S. Migrenne, G. Delbès and R. Habert. Development of the fetal and neonatal testis. 2003 Andrologia. 35, 79-83.

Published contribution:

B. Robaire and G. Delbes. The challenges of male fertility after cancer treatments. "Beyond the Abstract" 2013. UroToday.com, Accessed September 13, 2013

Conséquences à long terme de l'exposition précoce aux perturbateurs endocriniens sur la santé humaine: de la tête aux pieds! Conférence midi de l’Institut Santé et Société de l’UQAM

Au cœur de l'expertise en reproduction humaine et animale. Quoi de neuf chercheur? Canal savoir. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUYVtBk_MPg

Une nouvelle méthode pour évaluer la fertilité masculine. Le Code Chastenay, Telé Québec http://zonevideo.telequebec.tv/media/2821/une-nouvelle-methode-pour-evaluer-la-fertilite-masculine/le-code-chastenay

La chimio qui tue dans l’œuf. Planète INRS



2009:              Travel award from Réseau Québécois en Reproduction

2009:               Astra Zeneca prize for oral presentation – Pharmacology Research Day,McGill University

2008:              InstituteofHuman   Development, Child and Youth Health Travel award

2008:               Larry Ewing Memorial Travel Grant

2007-2008:      Cole Foundation post-doctoral fellowship

2006-2007:      Bourse d’excellence pour étudiants étrangers from the Fonds Québécois pour la Recherche et les Nouvelles Technologies

2007:               CFAS Poster presentation award

2006:               Lalor Foundation Travel award

2004-2005:      Scholarship from the Association pour la Recherche contre le Cancer (France)

2001-2004:      Scholarship from the Ministry of Research and Technology (France)


Research funds:

Subvention d'équipe des IRSC Santé et environnement – Agroalimentaire (2016-2021) (PI : B. Hales)

Fonds de L’innovation de Canada (2015)

CRNSG équipement (2015) (PI: K. Heinonen, INRS)

Fond pour les nouvelles collaborations du RQR (2015) - PI (Co PI: F. Leduc, Immune Biosolutions)

Fond pour les nouvelles collaborations du RQR (2014) - PI (Co PI: D.Cyr, INRS)

CRSNG Découverte (2014-2019)

FRQNT Nouveaux chercheur (2014-2016)

Fond de transition de la Fondation Cole (2013-2016)