Greg Fitzharris, Phd

Associate professor
Université de Montréal
Department of obstetrics and gynaecology
CR-CHUM, Tour Viger
900 St-Denis, Montréal
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Telephone : 514-890 8000
Website : www.fitzharrislab.com

Field of Research

  • Oocyte and embryo development

Recent Results

Causes and consequences of oocyte and embryo aneuploidy

Our laboratory is interested in why oocytes from older mothers are more likely to have the wrong number of chromosomes (termed ‘aneuploidy’) than oocytes from younger mothers. These ‘aneuploid’ eggs are developmentally-compromised, and oocyte aneuploidy is thus a leading cause of age-related infertility. Over the past several years we have have been investigating the reasons why aneuploidy occurs in oocytes, focussing on the spindle – the part of the cell responsible for segregating chromosomes at the time of cell division. Most recently we have shown that anaphase, the process by which the spindle executes chromosome segregation, occurs via kinetochore microtubules in the mammalian oocyte (Current Biology, 2012). This is significant since it had been predicted from lower organisms that kinetochore microtubules may not be necessary in oocytes. Subsequently, we have just completed out first study using naturally-aged mice, which experience age related aneuploidy similar to humans. Excitingly, we have found that establishment of kinetochore microtubules is defective in oocytes from aged mice (Shomper et al., 2014, Cell Cycle). This provides a coherent cellular explanation as to why oocytes from older mice are prone to chromosome missegregation and aneuploidy. The reasons for this defective spindle function in oocytes from older mice are unclear, and are now a major focus of the lab.  

Similar to oocytes, chromsome segregation is also highly error prone in the mammalian preimplantation embryo. We have therefore also been applying our imaging approaches to begin to examine spindle dynamics during early embryogenesis, and have already found striking differences in the way MTs are organised in embryos compared to somatic cells. Most notably we have found that microtubules self-organise in interphase embryos despite the presence of centrosomes (Howe and FitzHarris, 2013. Cell Cycle). In addition we found a shift in the way spindle length is regulated during embryogenesis (Yamagata and FitzHarris., 2013. Cell Cycle). We believe that understanding the reasons for chromosome segregation errors in oocytes and embryos cannot rely on extrapolation from ‘traditional’ model systems, but that these processes are studied directly in this unique cellular environment.

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Review articles  

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