Julie Lafond 

Professeure titulaire

Directrice du Centre de recherché BioMed


Sciences biologiques

C.P. 8888, Succursale Centre ville, Montréal, QC, H3C 3P8

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Telephone : 514-987-3000 poste 7857

Fax: 514-987-4647

Research interests:

  • Placenta
  • Mother-fetus relationship
  • lipids
  • calcium
  • preeclampsia
  • diabetes
  • obesity

Recent results:

My laboratory developed two research programs, a first on the placental calcium transport, specifically on the placental calcium mechanisms, cell differentiation and the related modulation in normal and pathologic (ex: preeclampsia, growth retardation…) patterns, including the study of cell differentiation and signaling. We are the first team to make a direct link between maternal profile and the modulation of placental proteins and RNA. The second concerns the effect of various lipid maternal profiles (gestational weight gain, body mass index, obesity...) on the biology / biochemistry of the placenta and their influence on fetal and neonatal development,

Lab members:



Email Address

Evemie Dubé


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Leboucher Mareva


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Publications (since 2008):

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1982-1983       Bourse (studentship) de l'Hôp. Sainte-Justine et du Montreal Children Hosp. (M.Sc.).

1983-1985       Bourse (studentship) de l'Hôp. Sainte-Justine et du Montreal Children Hosp.(M.Sc.-Ph.D.).

1985-1987       Bourse au mérite (studentship) du Fonds de la Recherche en Santé Québec (FRSQ) (Ph.D.).

1987-1989       Bourse au mérite (studentship) de Formation post-doctorale par les FRSQ (post-doc.).

1989-1990       Bourse au mérite (studentship) de Formation post-doctorale du FRSQ (post-doc)(décliné)

1989-1991       Bourse post-doctorale Fellowship) du Cons. Recherche Médicale du Canada (CRM)

1991-1994       Chercheure-Boursier (Scholarship) du Fond de la Recherche en Santé du Québec (décliné)

1991-1996          Chercheure-Boursier (Scholarship) du Conseil de la Recherche Médicale du Canada (CRM).

2001-2003      Chercheure-Boursier Senior (Senior Scholarship) du Fond de la Recherche en Santé du Québec 


Distinctions (since 2003):

2003            Award for the best Communication. Latin-American Symposium on Maternal-Fetal Interaction Placenta-Research and Clinical, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2007                Y. W. Loke New Investigator Travel Award: International Federation of Placental Associations