The REPRODAction Newsletter allows, among other things, RQR members to present current research underway in their laboratories to make them known to the public and to the industry.

The aim is to identify potential opportunities both from the perspective of researchers, and the end users.

Therefore, if you are from the industry - you are producers, veterinarians, doctors, members of a pharmaceutical or biotech company - we need your ideas and suggestions.

Feel free to contact us!

The newsletter is published three times a year, and on demand to announce important results and opportunities.


2017 REPRODAction

February 2017, Vol.6, no.1 : The pig as a research model 


2016 REPRODAction

January 2016, Vol.5, no.1 : Focus on industry’s needs in research at the reproduction level : second RQR networking workshop

May 2016, Vol.5, no.2 : Zika Virus: How a mosquito bite can affect fetal development


2015 REPRODAction

January 2015, Vol.4, no.1 : New trisomy screening approach targeting fetal DNA present in maternal blood

Mai 2015, Vol.4, no.2 : A new heat detection system for dairy cows: a collaboration between CCTT and industry!

September, Vol.4, no.3: Accelerating reproductive biology research, one egg at a time!


2014 REPRODAction

January 2014, Vol.3, no.1 : Partnership between the private sector and the university: Exciting and creative projects!

June 2014, Vol.3, no.2 : Ethical, Legal and Social aspects of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing: How to appropriately integrate an emerging technology into the Canadian healthcare system?

September 2014, Vol.3, no.3 : Focus on industry’s needs in research at the reproduction level : RQR networking workshop with veterinarians


2013 REPRODAction

January 2013, Vol.2, no.1 : Importance of selenium in the nutrition of breeding sows - a new approach

May 2013, Vol.2, no.2 : Growth factors as subfertility targets in dairy cattle

November 2013, Vol.2, no.3 : Epigenetic: how the environment influences the health and development of the offspring?


2012 REPRODAction

May 2012, Vol.1, no.1 : Presentation of the RQR Knowledge Transfer Committee and REPRODAction Newsletter

September 2012, Vol.1, no.2 : A link between menstrual pain and cardiovascular diseases: a finding that grew up into a discovery!