The RQR has undertaken a novel, innovative, visionary and internationally competitive program of fundamental and veterinary clinical reproductive biology. Three major topics, intertwined and united by the crosscutting themes of genomics, epigenetics and ethics, allow members to contribute to one or more major themes. These major research areas are studied at the whole-animal level as well at cellular and molecular levels. Below are some examples of research projects underway.
Ovary Germ and Somatic Cell Function:
  • Determine the role of intracellular signalling in mammalian ovulation
  • Evaluate steroidogenesis and its regulation
  • Study cell membrane receptors associated with follicular development and ovulation
Male Germ Cell:
  • Reduce embryonic mortality
  • Eliminate androgens (sexual odours) in male pigs with a biotechnological approach
Embryo-Uterine Interactions:
  • Improve the survival rate of embryos by nuclear transfer
  • Produce immortalized uterine cell lines for co-culture with embryos
  • Sexual differentiation during embryonic development in the pig and cow


List of equipment common to RQR members:


Faculty of veterinary medicine of the Université de Montréal - CRRA (PDF)

Université Laval - CRBR (PDF)

McGill University (PDF)


  • 2 microscope à fluorescence, dont un avec apotome et chambre de culture intégrée
  • Cytomètre en flux
  • Unité complète d'analyse de micropuce Affymetrix
  • Système d'imagerie animale in vivo IVIS-Spectrum (Xenogen) visible, fluorescence, bioluminescence
  • Real-time PCR LightCycler
  • Microscope électronique
  • Salles de culture cellulaires entièrement équippées

Université de Sherbrooke