In the rapidly changing landscape of science, it will be necessary for the RQR to be in continual evolution to remain at the front of reproductive and developmental biology. To maintain our momentum, interaction and cutting edge science, the RQR Symposium committee will organize once a year a two day Symposium on the Frontiers in Reproductive Research. Two to three invited speakers, (leading scientists from the domains of ovarian, testis and embryo-uterine biology) will be invited in consultation with membership. Further colloquiums to highlight RQR research will be presented at the ACFAS meeting.


Past meetings:

2016 RQR Symposium

2015 RQR Symposium

2014 RQR Symposium

2013 RQR Symposium

2013 SSR

2012 RQR Symposium

2011 RQR Symposium

2010 RQR Symposium

2010 RQR Acfas colloquium

2009 RQR Symposium

2008 RQR Symposium


Future meetings:

2017 RQR Symposium