The inaugural Symposium of the RQR was a resounding success thanks to the participation of over 200 members, students and research personnel. We had excellent contributed platform and poster presentations as well as stimulating talks from our invited speakers, Dr Mary Ann Handel and Dr John Eppig.  handelEppig





Congratulations to the four students who won prizes for the best presentations (1st prize of 300$ and second of 150$): 

Poster sessions:

1st: Marie-Noëlle Laguë, Université de Montréal

2nd : Evemie Dubé, INRS – Institut Armand-Frappier

Platform sessions :

1st: Jérôme Fortin, McGill University

2nd: Frédéric Leduc, Université de Sherbrooke 

We would like to thanks the RQR members that contributed to the success of the symposium.

Platform session presidents:

François Richard, Daniel Bernard and Eric Asselin

Platform session co-presidents:

Eve-Lyne Sylvestre, Jasmine Lefebvre and Sara Scantland

Invited speaker presenters:

Sarah Kimmins and Claude Robert

Theme leaders:

François Richard, Bernard Robaire and Eric Asselin


Alan Goff, Barbara Hales, Chris Price, Robert Viger, Vilceu Bordignon, Euridice Carmona, Patrick Devine, Robert Sullivan, Daniel Dufort, Jean-François Bilodeau, Michel A. Fortier and Hugh Clarke.

Special thanks to Eliane Auger, Micheline Sicotte and Elise Boivin-Ford for organising and/or contributing their efforts during this event. 

You enjoyed the oral presentaitons of the Symposium? See them again! Some presentations are available on the member section of the site. Register to have access to the member section.