The 2nd RQR symposium was a grand success with 240 participants coming from all around the province. Excellent talks were given by our guest speakers; Laurinda Jaffe, Miles Wilkinson and Randall Armant. Our students also gave excellent oral and poster presentations. Gustavo Zamberlam from the Université de Montréal (1st place) and Amy Svotelis from the Université de Sherbrooke (2nd place) received the awards for the best platform presentations while Craig Park from McGill University (1st place) and Sarah Scantland from the Université Laval (2nd place) received awards for the best poster presentations. The theme meetings were highly fruitful. Students, researchers and research professionals contributed ideas and opinions on the RQR projects and agenda including training workshops, communication tools and other possible RQR activities. We thank all the participants and we hope you enjoyed the 2009 Symposium!



Oral Presentations: Sessions I and II

Poster Presentations: Sessions I and II

The gest speakers:

David R. Armant, Wayne State University and National Institute of Health

  • The EGF Signaling System in the Invading Trophoblast and Implications for Obstetric Pathology

Laurinda Jaffe, University of Connecticut

  • Regulation of the prophase-to-metaphase transition in follicle-enclosed mouse oocytes: two paths to meiotic resumption

Miles Wilkinson, The University of California, San Diego

  • Rhox Genes: Mediators of Androgen Action?


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