List of patents developped by RQR members (this list is not complete):


Methods for the regulation of the prostaglandin f synthase (pgfs) activity of akr1b1 and uses thereof

Publication number : US20130324545 A1

Publication Date : December 5, 2013 

Inventors : Michel Fortier, Pierre Chapdelaine, Eva Bresson, Eric Madore 


Ovarian Markers Of Oocyte Competency And Uses Thereof

Publication number : US20120283125 A1

Publication date : September 19, 2012

Inventors : Marc-André Sirard, Mourad Assidi, Mélanie Hamel, Claude Robert, Hana Kovarova.


Methods, Compositions and Kits for the Evaluation and Preservation of Sperm

Publication Number : US 20120225417 A1

Publication date : September 6, 2012

Inventors : François Richard, Christine Guillemette, Juan Pablo Aragon, Audrey Hébert, Pierre Leclerc, Patrick Blondin.


Anticancer agents based on amino acids derivatives

Publication number: WO2011011865 A1

Publication date: February 3, 2011.

Inventors: Gervais Bérubé, Caroline Descôteaux, and Éric Asselin


Detection of human cysteine-rich secretory protein (crisp1) in semen and medical applications related thereto

Publication number : CA 2693546 A1

Publication date : May 3, 2011

Inventors : Robert Sullivan, Christine Légaré.


Sperm fertility biomarkers and uses thereof

Publication number : WO 2010025548 A1

Publication date : March 11, 2010

Inventors : Olivier D'amours, Robert Sullivan


Mammalian oocyte development competency granulosa markers and uses thereof

Publication number : WO2008031226 A1

Publication date : March 20, 2008

Inventors : Marc André Sirard, Mélanie Hamel, Claude Robert.


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