EDI Recognition program

In an effort to acknowledge RQR members that have been actively engaged in promoting more diverse and equal environments, the Diversity Committee is proud to announce the RQR Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Recognition program. Through this, RQR members (regular and trainees) can be nominated by their peers or self-nominate to highlight their efforts towards building a more inclusive, equal and diverse community. Successful nominees will be featured on the RQR bulletin and announced at the RQR annual Symposium.

Help us identify those members who positively shaped their spaces in terms of equity!


  1. Nominees must be a regular or trainee member of the Réseau Québécois en reproduction.
  2. Nominees must be recognized for their efforts to promote more inclusive, equal and diverse community within the RQR, the scientific community or within the general community.
  3. The action must have been done or started within the last 1 year from the date of nomination.

Note: Yearly commitments in associations can only be recognized once

For all details: APPLICATION FORM

Results of the recruitment scholarship competition for foreign students and for Indigenous Canadian students

28 May 2021 Unclassified

We are pleased to announce the the following students are the recipients of the recruitment scholarship for foreign students from developing countries. They received $5 000, each.

  • Leonardo Cortazzo da Silva, MSc student, in Dr Maritza Jaramillo’s laboratory, INRS.
  • Pegah Rahmizadeh, PhD student, in Dr Daniel Cyr’s laboratory, INRS.
  • Susmitha Jaganathan, MSc student, in Dr Rima Slim’s laboratory, McGill University.


Congratulations !

Excellence awards at the 2020 RQR Symposium

26 Nov 2020 Unclassified

Winners for the best oral presentations

  1. Aleksandar Mihajlovic, Université de Montréal (1st prize – 500$)
  2. Philippe Godin, Université de Montréal (2nd prize – 250$)
  3. Emilie Brûlé, McGill University (3rd prize – 100$)

Winners for the best poster presentations

  1. Xiaotong Wang, McGill University (1st prize – 500$)
  2. Patricia Tremblay, Université Laval (2nd prize – 250$)
  3. Clair Lin, McGill University  (3rd prize – 100$)

Winner for the best presentation- GDR repro students

  • Julie Beurois, PhD student, Université Grenoble-Alpes (France)

Winners of the KT award

  • Researcher award : Dre. Sylvie Girard, Université de Montréal
  • Student award : Elizabeth Elder (étudiante au doctorat), Université de Montréal.

Recognition for EDI activities

  • Dr. Bernard Robaire, McGill University
  • Dre. Clémence Belleannée, Université Laval
  • Melany Juarez, PhD student, INRS


Congratulations !

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