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2019/2020 new collaboration with GDR 3606 repro grant competition

As part of the partnership between the RQR and the GDR 3606 Repro in France, a funding competition has been organized to support the establishment of three new collaborations, between our two networks. The maximal amount of this funding is $10,000 per award.

This competition is now open and the deadline to apply is September 30th until midnight. Your applications must be sent to Cathy Froment (

RQR proposed collaborations

GDR 3606 Repro proposed collaborations

Competition Guidelines

2019/2020 Non-academic partnership grant competition

The aim of this competition is to strengthen our links with the research end-users such as governmental agencies, industry and the Centres Collégiaux de Transfert de Technologie. This competition will fund one new collaboration with a maximal budget of $25,000.

This competition is now open and the deadline to apply is September 30th until midnight. Your applications must be sent to Cathy Froment ( Application information is described in the competition guidelines below.

Competition guidelines

New collaboration grant competition (2019/2020)


  1. To be eligible, the named principal investigator and at least one co-applicant must be regular members of the RQR.
  2. A researcher may apply to the research Axis that he deems most appropriate for his application, independently of the principal investigator’s ou co-applicant’s  research Axis.
  3. The proposed research must be fundable by the FRQNT (i.e., non-biomedical) and must relate to the scientific objectives of the RQR and of the Axis to which you will apply (See the scientific program of each Axis:
  4. A researcher may submit only one proposal as the principal investigator, but may be a co-applicant on several proposals.
  5. The project must not be currently (or have previously been) funded by any source.
  6. Preliminary data is permitted but not required.
  7. Preference will be given to inter-university collaborations.
  8. The maximum allowable budget for this competition is $25,000. Allowable expenses include: $13,000 for laboratory supplies and expendables and $12,000 in salary support for technicians or research professionals (research assistants and associates employed by an RQR member).  Equipment, animal costs, services and bursaries for students and postdocs are excluded.
  9. Provide a Word or pdf document with the following information (5 pages maximum, 12pt Times font, 2.5cm margins, single line spacing):
  • Names of the principal investigator and co-applicants and their respective institutions
  • Axis you wish apply
  • Email of the principal investigator
  • Project title
  • Background ±  preliminary data
  • Hypothesis and objectives
  • Experimental design
  • Impact
  • Roles of the different investigators and planned interactions.
  • Figures (if needed)
  • References
  • Itemized budget and justification

Send your application to Cathy Froment ( by December 15th 2019.

RQR contribution for knowledge transfer activity (2019)

A budget of $ 4,000 is available to reimburse expenses incurred by RQR members and trainees as part of a knowledge transfer activity.

The latter may include any event in which scientific and research information is relayed to its end-users (veterinarians, producers, clinicians etc …) and/or to the general public.

Examples are television or radio broadcasts, interviews, publication of popularized newspaper or magazine articles, and poster or oral presentations of research data to non-scientific target audiences.

The maximum amount reimbursed will be $ 500 per activity, until funds are depleted.  Event information and invoices may be requested as necessary.

First come, first served!