GDR repro 3606 Competition

19 Feb 2019 Unclassified

Congratulations to the 4 winners of this competition:

  • Laurie Pinel, CIRD
  • Laura Girardet, CRDSI
  • Olivia Smith, CRRF
  • Anne-Sophie Pépin, CRRD

The RQR congratulates these 4 PhD students who will represent the RQR during the ReproSciences meeting in Toulouse, France, on April 24th– 26th2019.

Frontiers in Reproduction

The application deadline for “Frontiers in Reproduction” is January 17th, 2019.

Information can be found here:

Don’t miss your chance to apply to this transformative course.

The RQR will offer un scholarship of max $ 2000 to an RQR student who will  be accepted to follow this course.

Seminar of the Dr. Heli Routti

The next seminar will be given by the Dr. Heli Routti, research scientist at the Norwegian Polar Institute, on Thursday, September 6th at 11:00am (INAF, room 1724, pavillon des services).

Click here for more information.

Science Literacy week

17 Jul 2018 Unclassified

It’s a week-long celebration of science and space in Canada, from September 17th to 23rd 2018.

It’s also an opportunity to interact with the general public and explain your research projects and results! In essence, it’s a great opportunity for scientific outreach.

This year’s theme is space, but your activity can deal with any scientific subject.

Scientific outreach activities can be organized by researchers, students as well as research groups.

 If you are interested in organizing an activity for this event, please contact Charlène Rico for RQR support and any other information you may need.

More information is also available on the event website.

The 24h of science

28 May 2018 Unclassified

On May 11th, the team of Dr. Janice Bailey (Laval University) organized a scientific activity as part of the Quebec 24h Science event, the theme of which this year was the movement.

The activity titled “The Secret World of Sperm: A Messenger for Future Generations” was held at the Galway Pub in Quebec City. The activity was organized in the form of multiple scientific stations and attracted more than 40 people.

The RQR warmly thanks all of Dr. Bailey’s team for their involvement in this event!

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