Gustavo Zamberlam DMV, PhD

Assistant professor, Université de Montréal

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Research interests

  • Ovarian physiology and dysfunction
  • Physiology of the pituitary gland: regulation of gonadotropins synthesis

Our main research interest is the study of ovarian physiology and dysfunction; particularly the regulation of ovarian follicle development and ovulation in the ovary of bovine and rodents. The first, an important agricultural species, and the second, a useful animal model for research. We have used in vitro and in vivo approaches to demonstrate novel roles of intracrine factors like the free radical gas nitric oxide and the secreted glycoproteins WNTs and SFRPs in mammalian ovarian granulosa cells. We are currently studying the physiological roles of Hippo signaling in bovine follicle cells. We have also expanded our studies to the level of gonadotropins synthesis at the pituitary gland. In a current research project with mice, we are using functional genomics approaches to determine whether the Hippo pathway is involved in regulating gonadotropin synthesis.

Members of the laboratory

Ariane Lalonde-Larue
DMV-MSc student

Esdras Correas Dos Santos, MSc
PhD student


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