Daniel J. Bernard, PhD

Professor, McGill University

research axis 3

  • Mechanisms of GnRH action
  • Molecular mechanisms of IGSF1-deficiency syndrome
  • Transcriptional regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone synthesis

Jay Baltz, PhD

Professor and Senior Scientist, University of Ottawa

  • Early embryo development
  • Infertility
  • Mammaliam oocyte growth and maturation

Eric Asselin, PhD

Professor, UQTR

research axis 3

  • Animal models and transgenesis
  • Hormone-dependent cancers of the female reproductive system
  • Physiology and endocrinology

Derek Boerboom, DVM, PhD

Professor, Université de Montréal

research axis 3

  • Cancers of the reproductive system
  • Roles of developmental signaling pathways in gonadal physiology
  • Transgenesis and functional genomics
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