RQR co-supervision bursaries

The co-supervision scholarship competition is currently CLOSED.

The spring 2021 co-supervision scholarship competition is open to students who are co-supervised by two regular members of the RQR and who have started/will start their programs in January 2021, May 2021, September 2021 or in January 2022. Seven scholarships will be awarded, in the amount of $ 6,000 each, and inter-university co-supervision will be given priority.

The application deadline is September, 15th 2021.

Travel expense funding program

The RQR offers trainees the opportunity to be reimbursed, fully or partially, for travel expenses incurred while traveling to another laboratory in Quebec from April 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2022. For example, as part of collaborations between two researchers or for participation in technical workshops or other training opportunities.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Costs covered by this program include: hotels, train and bus tickets, parking tickets, and fuel costs ($ 0.48 per km or $ 0.60 per km if carpooling). For fuel, a receipt from the meeting place must be provided.
  2. The trip must be to the laboratory of a principal investigator based in Québec who is a member or collabo- rator of the RQR.
  3. The trip must be outside of the city where the applicant resides or works.
  4. The maximum amount of the refund is set at $ 1 000 per trainee per year.
  5. The RQR pre-Symposium workshop does not meet the conditions of this program.

You can apply throughout the year by contacting Chloé Fortin.

This program will continue until funds are exhausted.

Parental leave bursaries

The Diversity Committee is pleased to launch the 2020 Parental leave Scholarships competition. The RQR parental leave grant is intended to financially assist master’s and doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows (if they do not otherwise have benefits) who elect to take leave following a birth. The applicant must:

  • Expect delivery between April 2021 and March 31st, 2022;
  • Not receive more than $4,000 of parental leave funding from his/her/their university (internal scholarships);
  • Not receive a parental leave benefit (Quebec Parental Insurance Plan, for example) or a parental leave benefit from the major granting agencies (SSHRC, NSERC, FRQ-NT, FRQ-SC, FRQ-S, CIHR);
  • Be enrolled full-time in a master’s, doctoral, or post-doctoral program prior to the third trimester of the pregnancy;
  • Commit to having full-time or writing status in the semester following parental leave.
Grant conditions:
  • The value of the grant is $415/week for a maximum of 12 weeks.
  • The grant applies from the date of delivery.

Any trainee wishing to apply must complete the form below and send it to Chloé Fortin.

Applications are open until March 31, 2022 and will operate on a first-come, first-served basis for candidates that meet all of the eligibility criteria.

All details of the programme and application are available: HERE

Recruitment scholarship for students from developing countries and Indigenous Canadian students

This competition is currently CLOSED.

The RQR recruitment scholarship aims to stimulate and/or facilitate RQR regular members in the recruitment of graduate students from developing countries

(https://icqi.org/developing -countries-list/) and indigenous Canadian graduate students*.

In the amount of $5,000 each, the scholarships are offered to students who recently started or will soon pursue Master’s or doctoral studies in RQR-affiliated laboratories during the summer 2021, fall 2021 or winter 2022.

This scholarship is competitive and students wishing to apply must complete the form and send it to Chloé Fortin no later than December 1, 2021.

* Indigenous ancestry refers inclusively to members of First Nations, status and nonstatus, treaty and nontreaty Indians, Métis, and Inuit peoples in Canada.

International internship programm

The international internship competition is currently CLOSED.

The FRQNT has just announced its international internship competition, for which RQR trainees are eligible. An amount of $ 15,000$ is available to the RQR.

Any trainee wishing to apply must complete the form and send it to Cathy Froment before 11:59pm (23h59) October 31, 2019. The RQR is authorized to submit up to two applications.

All details of the programme are available: HERE

RQR travel awards- 2019 Competition

The RQR Travel Awards program is currently CLOSED.

The RQR offerst travel awards of a maximum of $ 500 to cover costs associated with national or international meetings to promote scientific exchange. For a meeting held in the province of Québec the maximum amount of the award is $ 250.

Deadline to submit your application : Application can be sent throughtout the year until funds are exhausted. First come, first served !

The admission criteria are the following:

  • The meeting must occur between January 1st to December 31th 2019
  • Applicants must be giving a poster or platform presentation at the meeting
  • Your research supervisor must be an RQR member
  • Maximum of 2 RQR Travel Awards per laboratory
  • Only one RQR Travel Award per year per trainee
  • The meeting cannot take place in the city where the applicant lives or works
  • The RQR Symposium does not meet the criteria for this competition

*** Note: the RQR logo must be included in the presentation ***

Students and postdoctoral fellows can apply by sending the Registration form.

If the travel grant is awarded, the following documents will be required:

1.Proof of registration to the meeting
2.Proof your abstract was accepted for an oral or poster presentation

Note that it is possible to submit an application even if your abstract is not yet approved. However, proof must be provided later.